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Yes. While the aim of any treatment is to reduce elevated intraocular pressure (IOP), how this is achieved can vary patient to patient based on his or her disease severity, tolerance to side effects, past history with IOP-lowering medications, additional health conditions, or other factors


Retinal specialists are eye physicians and surgeons who focus on diseases in the back of the eye such as macular degeneration, diabetic disease, retinal detachment, eye trauma and intraocular infection. Our physicians are medical doctors have completed many years of training in diseases and surgery of the eye including a 3 year ophthalmology residency followed by a 2 year vitreoretinal fellowship.


The retina is the delicate, light-sensitive tissue that covers the interior wall of the eye. Like the film in a camera, it receives images projected through the lens of the eye. The retina then sends these images to your brain through the optic nerve. When the retina is damaged, your vision may become impaired. Damage to the retina may be caused by injury, illness or as a result of aging.


Floaters are cobwebs, strings, or speck-like objects that float in the field of vision. They may occur from any opacity within the vitreous gel that casts a shadow on the retina. They are usually black and may float in and out of view. Floaters can be an indicator that the gel-like vitreous is liquefying, which is a normal ageing process but can also reflect inflammation, infection, or bleeding within the eye or be related to systemic diseases.


When the retina detaches, it separates or pulls away from its normal position lining the inner back wall of the eye. A retinal detachment can occur from retina holes, retinal tears or from traction on the retina from scar tissue on the retinal surface or in the vitreous gel. If not promptly treated, a retinal detachment can cause permanent loss of vision.


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