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February 28, 2018

Golden Key Hospital acquires advanced Visual Field Analyser for Eye investigations

The Golden Key Hospital has installed a new ‘Visual Field Eye Investigation Machine,’ substantially enhancing the efficiency of its eye investigation unit while significantly reducing waiting time of patients.

A Visual Field Test is an eye examination that can detect dysfunction in the central and peripheral vision which may be caused by various medical conditions including glaucoma, stroke, pituitary disease, brain tumours or other neurological deficits.

The new machine reduces set-up time with a single trial lens, improves confidence in test results with RelEYE™ which allows optometrists to instantly review the patient’s eye position at any stimulus point, and simplifies operations with its intuitive SmartTouch™ interface, the Hospital said.

Commenting on this latest acquisition, a spokesman for the Golden Key Hospital said: “We continue to invest in the latest and best medical equipment in order to improve the efficiency, accuracy and efficacy of patient care. This new machine not only advances the Hospital’s eye investigation procedure, but also offers convenience to patients by retaining their test records.”

The Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 840 machine’s Guided Progression Analysis (GPA) using the Swedish Interactive Thresholding Algorithm (SITA) offers a method to test for visual field loss, which is especially useful in the testing, analysis and monitoring of the progression of Glaucoma.

It is also able to issue comparison reports by keeping past patients’ test records, significantly aiding disease management decisions at the Golden Key Hospital.

The Golden Key Hospital is the only private sector hospital in Sri Lanka that is a centre of excellence dedicated and equipped for all Eye & ENT related investigations, treatment and surgery. The hospital is backed by a team of experts and nursing staff with specialised training in Eye and ENT. It is equipped for 3D Optical Coherence Tomography and treatment of all eye diseases. Tests such as Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA), Fundus Photography, A&B scans, Visual field assessment, Pachymetry Binocular Single Vision test, computerised eye tests for spectacles, as well as laser treatment and phacoemulsification surgery for cataracts are done routinely at the hospital. The hospital also offers vitreoretinal surgery for problems such as retinal detachment, diabetic eye diseases and intraocular infection.

The Hospital features a 24 hour general OPD, a laboratory, pharmacy and ample parking for up to 80 vehicles at a time. It is managed by an Advisory Committee comprising of Vidya Jyothi Professor Rohan W. Jayasekera, Emeritus Professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo (Chairman), Dr Saliya Pathirana, Senior Consultant Eye Surgeon, Dr Saumya Paranawithana, Consultant Eye Surgeon, Dr Dilruwani Aryasingha, Consultant Eye Surgeon and Mr Niranjan Silva (Chief Operating Officer).