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June 10, 2020

Golden Key Hospital raises bar in eye care with latest devices from ZEISS

The Golden Key Hospital has acquired two of the latest models of ophthalmic equipment in the market to significantly enhance the quality of diagnostics and treatment at its eye clinic, especially its cataract surgery procedures and post-care capabilities.

The Hospital said the ZEISS VISULAS YAG III, a fully-integrated laser workstation is used to perform ‘Yag capsulotomy’ – a special laser treatment to improve vision after cataract surgery, while the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 enables fast and accurate measurements of eye length and surface curvature, necessary to determine the intraocular lens (IOL) power used during cataract and lens implantation surgery.

The VISULAS YAG III is the latest version of the Yag Laser series and is known to focus the optimum amount of laser energy directly to the target which results in a gentler laser treatment while providing maximum ease of use with the lowest possible amount of patient stress. Besides capsulotomy, it can be used for applications such as iridotomy – a surgical procedure to treat angle closure glaucoma – and IOL polishing. The ability to adjust energy levels also means ample flexibility for different treatment techniques.

The IOLMaster 700 enables surgeons to replace assumptions with measurements, thanks to the latest update - Total Keratometry (TK®). Its built in SWEPT source biometry makes it fast and easy to measure both eyes in less than 45 seconds while its Alignment Assistance function makes the results largely independent of the user and therefore easy to delegate. It is also proven to achieve a cataract penetration rate of more than 99% following a comparative clinical study with more than 1,200 eyes. This reduces the need for ultrasound by 92% and saves patients’ time.

The device is also useful in detecting unusual eye geometries and poor fixation, eliminating refraction surprises and unsatisfactory post-operative visual experience by enabling visual measurement verification.

The Golden Key Hospital also installed a ‘Visual Field Eye Investigation Machine’ in 2018 to enhance the efficiency of its eye investigation unit and reduce waiting time of patients. The machine is used to detect dysfunction in the central and peripheral vision which may be caused by various medical conditions including glaucoma, stroke, pituitary disease, brain tumours or other neurological deficits.

ZEISS is a German manufacturer of optical systems and optoelectronics, founded in Jena, Germany in 1846 by optician Carl Zeiss. It develops, produces and distributes highly-innovative solutions for industrial metrology and quality assurance, microscopy solutions for the life sciences and materials research, and medical technology solutions for diagnostics and treatment in ophthalmology and microsurgery.

The Golden Key Hospital is the only private sector hospital in Sri Lanka that is a centre of excellence dedicated and equipped for all Eye & ENT related investigations, treatment and surgery. The hospital is backed by a team of experts and nursing staff with specialised training in Eye and ENT. It is equipped for 3D Optical Coherence Tomography and treatment of all eye diseases. Tests such as Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA), Fundus Photography, A&B scans, Visual field assessment, Pachymetry Binocular Single Vision test, computerised eye tests for spectacles, as well as laser treatment and phacoemulsification surgery for cataracts are done routinely at the hospital. The hospital also offers vitreoretinal surgery for problems such as retinal detachment, diabetic eye diseases and intraocular infection.